The Curious Case Of The Man Who Fell On London From A Plane

Who was it that fell from on high in 2019 and nearly landed on a Londoner in the process? And how did it happen?


A mysterious man fell thousands of feet from a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner into an upscale London neighborhood in 2019. His identity is still unknown.

The Incident

Sunbathing on a nice, hot summer evening on June 30, 2019, a south London man received quite the shock when a dead body came barreling down from the sky above, landing a mere 3 feet away from him. The mysterious victim had fallen approximately 4,000 feet from the wheel well of a Kenya Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner as it was on its final descent into Heathrow Airport from Jomo Kenyatta International. The body struck the earth with such intense force that it indented the surface and crushed a large slate of asphalt. Thankfully, or perhaps more tragically, it appeared the man had died long before impact, having frozen to death during the flight. Armed with his DNA and fingerprints, investigators hoped for a quick identification of the victim. Yet two years have passed, and they are still no closer to knowing who he was or why he had attempted such a dangerous feat. The only clues to his identity were the initials “MCA” engraved on his backpack, as well as a small amount of Kenyan currency indicating his country of origin. Adding to the mystery is the question of how he was able to gain unauthorized access to an aircraft within an airport with FAA-designated Category One security status.

The Investigation

A few things seemed clear—the stowaway had boarded in Kenya, was of Kenyan descent, and was approximately 30 years old. While the DNA sample came back without a hit, police felt confident that his fingerprints would shed light on his identity. After all, Kenyan men are required to have their fingerprints put on file upon turning 18. Unfortunately, however, nothing came back on the prints, either.